Clean. Fast. Easy.

Reduce Cable Dressing Time by 50% with the newly redesigned CD24 or 70% with the CD48. Dress Cat3 through Cat6 Enhanced with either tool!

The Best Tool on the Market

Cable Dressing Made Easy

The easiest and fastest way to dress a cable bundle


The Dressing of Voice and Data Cables is a snap with the Split Face design of the Cable Dresser.

The purpose of the Cable Dresser is to provide any installer, regardless of their experience, the easiest and fastest way to dress a cable bundle.

The biggest problem with cable is its inherent nature to become entangled with other cables.  Because a majority of installers were already frustrated with the process of dressing cable by hand it was important to develop a cable comb that would limit this frustration and at the same time reduce their dress-in times in a variety of dressing scenarios.