Cable Dresser 24 (CD24) Instructions

Cable Dresser CD 24 Instructions

  1. Begin by dressing the twenty four (24) cable bundle as you normally would. After you have placed the first hook and loop strap on the cable bundle you are now ready to install the Cable Dresser tool.
  2. Lift the outside cables at the top and sides of the bundle one at a time placing them in your hand. Once you have ten (10) cables in your hand use these cables to lift up the cable bundle exposing the remaining four (4) outside cables on the bottom of the bundle. Gather the four (4) cables on the bottom of the bundle combining them with the other ten (10) cables. You should now have the outside fourteen (14) cables in one hand exposing the center ten (10) cables.
  3. Next place the two halves of the "Cable Dresser" tool around the center ten (10) cables. Now begin placing the remaining fourteen (14) cables in the outside cable guide slots of the "Cable Dresser" tool. The placement of the cables in the slots on the tool should be a mirror image of the cables located at the hook and loop strap.
  4. Place the hook and loop strap ( provided ) around the outside of the tool to hold the cables in place.
  5. You are now ready to dress the cable bundle.


To Achieve The Fastest Dress-In-Times:
Remove any tangled cables located on the outside of the cable bundle that are to be aligned with the Cable Dresser. You will find that by wrapping the center ten (10 ) cables with a hook and loop strap and then pulling this to the end of the bundle to be very helpful in removing these tangled cables.

Avoiding Divers:

To help keep any of the outside cables from moving or diving to the center of the bundle ,we suggest firmly wrapping the center ten (10) cables with a twenty (20) inch long hook and loop strap, just ahead of the tool. This strap will hold the center ten (10) cables firmly but will not hinder the movement of the tool and will result in a tighter cable bundle.


Here are a few photos of how the CD24 tool is installed on the cable bundle.